We all go into the new year setting resolutions and the determination to meet or succeed those goals. However, a few weeks go by or months and we tend to lose sight of those goals and run out of steam to achieve our resolutions.
A vision board is a great way to set your goals and keep them in sight so that you can continue to take your business to the next level throughout the year.
A vision board is not just a great idea for your business goals, but for any area of your personal life. You can use a vision board for planning a wedding, your health and fitness goals, financial aspirations.
Studies have shown that you are more likely to meet your goals – professional or personal – when you write them down. Sure, you have a list written out in your Day Planner but a vision board behind your desk, that you see multiple times a day will keep you focused on your goals.
It doesn’t matter if you are working on your vision board during the first part of the year, the middle, or even near the end of the year – it is never too late to be successful and vision board can keep you on track and accountable.

Let’s create our vision boards:

1. Brainstorm.
This is ultimately the most important aspect of building your vision board. Brainstorm the goals you want to work towards for the new year or the project you are creating. Take the time to reflect on your vision, how it is unique to you and your business and decide how you want reach your goals. Write down your goals and include your WHY! It is important to look at the WHY for each goal, as that will be your PUSH for achieving all of your goals.
2. Materials.
Creating a vision board can be as simple as cutting photos out of a magazine and tacking them up on your office bulletin board, or you can go digital and create your board on Pinterest, or using a digital program and save it to your desktop and phone so you have it wherever you go.
Prefer a handmade vision board to display in your office, you will need to gather materials: a poster board, bulletin or cork board. You’ll also need push pins, scissors, and visual references such as business-related quotes, figures, photos, and texts. These are the basic items you’ll use to craft your vision board, and you can always add to your board as the year progresses.
3. Assemble your vision board.
Now that you have your goals laid out and your materials in hand you can begin to assemble your vision board. Take all of your photos, your favorite quotes, books you hope to read, photos of those you are inspired by, and pictures of your WHY.
4. Display your vision board.
Once your board is assembled, put it on display where it can be referenced daily. You’ll want to place it in a location where it’s easily seen so that you can reflect on it often. If you created a digital board, save the link to your favorites on your phone, make it your screensaver or desktop/phone wallpaper. Your vision boards entire purpose is to serve as a constant reminder of where you are going; so ensure you are able to view it daily.
5. Ensure your vision board is evolving.
One of the reasons you created a vision board is to continually move your business forward and not stay stagnant. During the year, interact with your board, remove items that are no longer relevant and add items as they become important to you.
** Here are some resources to build your vision board:
Digital Vision Board Website: DreamItAlive.com {FREE}
Have you ever created a vision board? Did it help you stay focused on your goals and dreams? I’d love to hear about your experience in a comment below!