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What is your single greatest resource in your business (and life in general)? TIME! We all have the same amount of time each day. It is the one constant for everyone and there is no way to access or buy more time.

Have you ever struggled with the following?

  • Feeling over-extended on your priorities?
  • Feeling like you need another hour (or two, okay five) each day to check everything off your list?
  • Feel like you can never manage to make headway on your never-ending to-do list?
  • Anxious because you never know where to start each morning?
  • Struggle to stay motivated or energetic about reaching goals

*Raises hand* Yep, me too!

Over the last few months, I have researched productivity hacks, time management concepts and etc in order to figure out the best ways to manage time and get more done each day. However, I quickly realized that I do not have a problem with “time management” because there is no way I can manage time, in order to gain control and take back my time (and sanity!) I needed self-management.

When you change your focus from how to magically add hours to your day to using your time intentionally and managing yourself and actions you are able to quickly check off your to-dos.

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Here is a quick time-audit so that you can begin to get clear about how you are spending your time and add more productive hours to your day.

  1. Determine how many hours a day you actually have. Sure, there are 24 hours a day but you are not actually productive for those hours. Determine the amount of time you have after you account for sleeping, family priorities (meal prepping, driving the carpool, housekeeping, work schedule, etc).
  2. Schedule Everything. You should always have a plan to attack your days’ priorities rather than reacting to them. The night before take 5-10 minutes and pencil in your objectives. What are things you have to do? What are your non-negotiables?
  3. Stop wasting time on social media. If you are an online business owner, I am sure you spend a good amount of time online for your business, marketing, networking, promoting, etc. The time you spend on social media should be focused. Imagine what you could have accomplished during that hour you spent scrolling Facebook.

Need some advice on how to stop the scrolling madness? Read my guest blog post on LadyBoss Blogger.

  1. Set realistic limits. Do not plan to work a solid eight hours each day. Plan your day so that you are working in smaller chunks of time throughout the day. Work when you feel the most productive. Are you an early morning riser or a night-owl? Designate the tasks that require more attention to these time slots. Break your days down into these manageable time chunks to get the most done while still being present and active in your daily life.

All of these tips are very simple, do not over complicate the process. Changing how you manage yourself in order to have a better relationship with time is a gradual process just like creating a new habit.

Start with one piece of the puzzle and implement it. Then, add another piece and implement. You can plan ‘all day’ but if you are not implementing then you will have wasted even more time.Click To Tweet

What part of this process do you need the most help with?

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