The first place to start with your social media strategy is to ensure it aligns with your branding, your mission, and your message.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine if your current social media strategy is working for you. These are simple questions to begin the foundation of building a strategy. In order to fully evaluate your social media presence, I would recommend a full audit to really develop a strategy that will fit in with your brand! Interested in learning more about a full social media audit, click here.

Look at each of your social media platforms separately and ask yourself:

Does it show what your business is all about?
Does it tell your story & share your message?
Is it clean, consistent, professional looking?
Does it attract the right audience?
Does it create engagement?

How do you rate in terms of your social media and branding?

Visual marketing and branding your social media is crucial to standing out!

Earlier this year, Hubspot published an article that covered the importance of visual design in social media. This post was armed with stats about the importance of visual design.  

Here are a few of the stats to stress the importance of using visuals with your marketing:
  • Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images (KissMetrics)
  • Visual content is more than 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content (Buffer Blog)
  • Researchers found that colored visuals increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80% (Xerox)

Your visual brand identity VISUALLY tells your audience how to perceive you.

The GOAL of a social media strategy that effectively uses their visual branding is that if someone just sees your image as they scroll, they will instantly KNOW it is your image versus Joe Schmo or one of your competitors.

If one of your social media goals is to increase your brand recognition and drive more people to your business then effective design tactics are your express ticket to success.

PRO TIP: Recycling your content is a great way to create consistency without creating extra work, just make sure you are not being spammy! A good rule to follow is to recycle the content after 6 months but only if it is relevant and created engagement. If it didn’t – don’t recycle it.

Visual branding design tips for social media:

  • Use a photo editing app or platform to create optimized images for your social media images. My preferred platform is Canva. They have a free platform, but the paid is so worth it!
  • Create a branding board, so your visual identity is consistent. Pick your fonts, colors, patterns, etc and place them on this board.

This means any visuals and graphics you use for your business will stand out because you will use the same 2-3 fonts, the same color scheme (2-3 primary colors and 1-2 secondary colors), your images will consistently convey the value and feelings of your brand.

PRO TIP: Create templates using Canva for quick graphics. I have created the following templates in Canva: Pinterest boards, all social media boards, blog titles, etc.  

Need some help creating a brand board in Canva? Click here for my brand board template in Canvas!

How do you feel about your social media strategy and your visual brand? Are you still struggling to find consistency? A full social media audit may be needed to identify areas of improvement. 

Share your thoughts below or on my Facebook page.

Next week we will explode your business with social media by determining your brand voice and integrating it with your social media.