In part one of this series, we discussed why visual marketing is integral to your social media strategy and how a brand board can create consistency on all of your platforms. Your brand voice is just as important.

In part two of this series, we discussed how building a brand voice and staying authentic is a foundation block of your social media strategy.

Staying consistent on all of your social media platforms may seem like a “duh” concept, but are you guilty of this?

Here are four ways to ensure your social media is consistent:

When someone is looking for you or comes across you online, it really helps if all your profiles match up. This comes with keeping the same name. If your blog acts as the foundation of your personal brand, you want that name to be the name you use everywhere, on all of your social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
Now I get that sometimes this might not be possible for you. So in that case, just try and come up with a variation by using a dot or hyphen.

Something to remember about building an online presence is that it’s not as natural as face-to-face. To make a brand relatable you’ve got to get a photo in there. YOUR photo. Not a stock photo. Not a graphic. You and your beautiful face.

And, this photo should be the same on each platform. New readers don’t know you. Help them out and let them know you’re the same person by using the same image across all your social platforms.

This extends even to the content of your brand. You need to showcase yourself. It is important that your customers and followers see the real you — it is just another layer of how to connect and build trust and relationships.

Having the same cover photo across your channels also helps keep your brand consistent. You can either use something from a page on your blog – for instance, I use my home page as my cover photo or use your logo or a picture of you.
PRO TIP: It should stay on brand with style guide and brand board.

We discussed this briefly in a previous post of this series, your brand’s design aesthetics need to be in all your images. Especially when you’re sharing your own content on social media. Make yourself a template using your style guide and branding board to build a template. Your colors, font, patterns etc should be consistent. If your brand colors are teal, black and pink, then your graphics should not have yellow and purple on them. (Canva is my favorite tool, and splurge for the paid option, it is totally worth it. )
PRO TIP: Recycling your content is a great way to create consistency without creating extra work, just make sure you are not being spammy! A good rule to follow is to recycle the content after 6 months but only if it is relevant and created engagement. If it didn’t – don’t recycle it.

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Next week we will explode your business with social media by creating a consistent posting strategy for your social media strategy.

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