What is your brand voice? Have you ever thought about how your voice may affect your social media strategy?

In part one of this series, we discussed why visual marketing is integral to your social media strategy and how a brand board can create consistency on all of your platforms. Your brand voice is just as important.

Your brand voice should be authentic. It should SOUND like you.

The more you write for your brand, the more you will find your voice and writing style. One way to identify your brand voice is by listening to your audience and how they talk. You can connect better with your audience by using the words and phrases they use. And, write in a conversational tone that they can identify with.

Use your own voice as a foundation and build on that with your brand’s style and message.  

Your brand voice can be traditional, charming, sassy, witty, flirty… anything. But what’s important is that it has to be authentic! Trying to emulate someone else’s brand voice or developing a style that isn’t you, will seem forced. And guess what? People will notice!

For example, if you are from the south you may start your greetings with YA’LL in your newsletters, your blogs and social media. However, if you are not from the south the word “ya’ll” would not represent who you are. 

To put this in perspective: If I want my social media and brand to be encouraging, uplifting, and educational, then, I will incorporate quotes and reflections into my writing. I also want them to feel like I am their friend, so I use a conversational tone, connect on a more personal level, and ask questions to find out what they think.

PRO TIP: Facts and photos may “tell” but stories will “sell”. Tell your readers a story this creates a buzz and an impact.

How REAL and authentic should I be in my brand voice?

Your followers, clients, customers want you to be real. They want you to be authentic. You should be you. Stay true to who you are and be honest.

Post a picture of what your real life is like, not everything should be styled or staged or a stock photo. If you are having a rough day? Your two-year-old hasn’t napped and smeared toothpaste on the walls? On your 3rd cup of microwaved coffee? (I have been there!) Share it. It makes you relatable and offers a chance for your followers to really engage because they get it too!

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Next week we will explode your business with social media by creating consistency within your social media strategy.

Tell me below, what is one struggle you have when it comes to being authentic on social media?