As a mompreneur, it is easy to lose sight of a work-life balance. Between changing diapers, playdates, baseball practice, client meetings, powerpoints it is easy to lose sight of your personal life. Often times taking time for you falls to the bottom of your list.

It is important for your mental well-being to find a work-life balance that works fo you. This looks different for everyone. #selfcare Click To Tweet

Here are my tips to maintaining a balance that works for you:


Establish a peaceful morning routine that includes prayer, meditation, yoga (and, most definitely coffee). A calming routine will create a mindful day instead of feeling frazzled and will improve your focus.


Schedule your office hours and stick to them. Schedule time for yourself, visit a spa, your daily workout or get a pedicure. Schedule everything and honor those commitments.


When it’s time to work then work. Don’t scroll social media and don’t check email. Knock out your to-do list so you can enjoy the rest of your day. When it is family time, spend it with your kids. Turn off your email notifications and enjoy the downtime playing board games, playing at the park, or whatever makes you happy.


Evaluate why you are working toward your goals. Dig deep within yourself to find the answer. Don’t settle for saying, “I am doing this for my family”. Evaluate your big “WHY” and make sure you are aligning yourself with the right work and goals to achieve this. Just because you are busy does not mean you a being productive.


Celebrate your success. Celebrate birthdays. Celebrate holidays (especially National Donut day). Take the day off and celebrate in style.

Some days the work-life balance is difficult to achieve and you want to throw in the towel, and that’s okay to feel like this. But, balance is achievable. Focus on your “why” and stay present.

What is your favorite way to maintain a healthy work-life balance? Comment below!