You are a busy entrepreneur. You are building your business and raising your babies at the same time. It can be challenging to make sure everything gets checked off the list. And, frankly, most days there are still tasks left to do. That is one of the main reasons you probably made it to my website, you are looking for virtual support to either 1. take your business to the next level or 2. you know you just can not get it all done. That’s why during our partnership, you will have me in your corner to check those to-dos off the list.

In your process of hiring virtual support, you probably have some additional questions, these are the most frequently asked questions prior to beginning a partnership with our virtual business management support.

faq working with a virtual assistant virtual business manager 

What is a VA or Virtual Business Manager?
A virtual assistant (VA) and a virtual business manager is a skilled independent contractor who provides administrative, financial, PA and creative support to businesses and individuals from a home office.

Do I have to take care of expenses such as health and other benefits?
Because virtual assistants/business managers are independent contractors rather than employees, clients are not responsible for employee wages, benefits or other related expenses and they avoid the logistical problem of providing extra office space, equipment or supplies. Therefore, clients are only paying for the tasks that they need doing.

What are some services you offer?
We provide a variety of services, that include but not limited to, website design and support, email marketing, social media strategy & implementation, administrative assistance and more. You can view a more detailed list of services here.

What are the benefits of hiring virtual support?
There is no way you have all the time to manage each aspect of running your business this is where a virtual business manager is able to provide solutions and support so you can focus on the areas of your business that you love.

Who do you work with?
We specialize in supporting business coaches, authors, consultants, fitness coaches and more – primarily we work with highly passionate and driven mom entrepreneurs.

How do I communicate with a business manager?
We primarily use Zoom for monthly or weekly strategy calls, emails or a project management software such as Asana and Trello. Projects and tasks can be delivered via email or the project management platform.

How do I get started?
You can start by scheduling a Discovery Call to go over your business needs. After the discovery a call, we will send you a proposal/contract based on what we discussed. Once the terms are finalized, your have paid your first invoice, then you are ready to start delivering tasks and get our partnership rolling!