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Let’s get real: There is just not enough time in the day to balance all of those hats you are wearing. Some days a few things slip through the cracks, other days you barely check one task off your list. You don’t have to go at it alone.

We are here to partner with you in your business to provide strategy, support, and the implementation your business needs and you desire!

What To Expect:

Business Clarity Assessment: We dive deep into your business to assess where you are needing the most support, brainstorm ways to create ease and build systems to support business growth.

Ongoing Business Support: Now that we have a plan in place, it’s time to get to work, creating strategies and implementing and completing projects to move your business forward and assessing and tweaking during our partnership.

This service typically requires a four-month commitment of your custom retainer package. This allows us to gain clarity, implement new systems, evaluate and tweak so that your business experiences steady growth.

Business Efficiency Services Include:


My services are perfect for you if:
– You have a business based on your passion but lack the “techie” skills
– You spend more time on the “ugh” tasks of your to-do list and need more time to focus on the areas you LOVE
– You are ready to work with a virtual partner to grow your business
We may not be the best match if:
– You value work more than memories
– You are not *fully* ready to hand over your to-do list
– You like to micromanage
– You want an “on-call” personal assistant

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What are the benefits of partnering with a business efficiency strategist?
There is no way you have time to manage each aspect of running your business or if you do you are working too hard and probably reaching burn out mode.  This is where I come in. I am able to provide solutions, support, and implementation so you can focus on the areas of your business that you love.

How do I get started?
You can start by scheduling a Clarity Call to go over your business needs. After the Clarity Call, we will send you a proposal/contract based on what we discussed. Once the terms are finalized, you have paid your first invoice, then we are ready to get our partnership rolling!

What is the investment?
Whether you need 10 hours or 30 + hours a month, or support on a project based period – I have your back! Not every business fits into a square box, retainer packages allow us to be flexible with the services provided while working within a block of time. It also ensures that time is reserved to meet your needs.
How will we communicate on a weekly basis?
We primarily use Zoom for monthly or weekly strategy calls, emails or a project management software such as Asana and Trello. Projects and tasks can be delivered via email or the project management platform.

Who do you work with?
We specialize in supporting business coaches, authors, consultants, fitness coaches and more – primarily we work with highly passionate and driven entrepreneurs.

Do you employ sub-contractors in your business?
For the most part, your will solely interact with me during our partnership. I do have several sub-contractors that will provide additional support as needed, such as website designers, graphic designers, and other administrative virtual assistants and generalists. 




“Honestly, I found Amy by accident! But I am so glad I did. Business owners, if you’re anything like me then you are a control freak too! And as bad as you know you need to delegate, you put off the task till you’re blue in the face! When I found Amy, I knew it was the perfect match. She was kind and professional, she was a MOMPRENEUR, patient and understanding to my wants/needs in my own business, and willing to do anything to accommodate my style and brand. Overall, I needed the help and I just didn’t have TIME to take the time to implement the creative changes I wanted. Insert AMY. I provide the content, she implements the style and the platform based on what I like. Having been working together for 10 months now, she has taken a huge weight off me. She has created a training website for my team, recognition for my team, ads, newsletters, and helping me come up with ideas to keep growing! I’ve enjoyed every moment having Amy by my side. SHE’S THE BEST! If you’re looking for a virtual assistant. DON’T WAIT any longer. Having Amy has allowed me to focus on what I NEED to focus on to continue growing my business while not losing sight of the recognition and creativity side that I love so much within my business. Forever grateful.
– Natalie Bailey


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